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       WE HAVE BIKES !!!!!

There will be a shipping/warehousing fee for every bicycle purchased

If you are looking for a specific bike or just have a question, we will be responding to emails so please send all inquires to:

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Thank you and see you when we return

We believe at Carl Hart Bicycles that the risk of coming into contact with COVID-19 at this point has increased enough to warrant strict guidelines and reactions. Our goal is to prevent the spread of this illness in our community. We take the health and happiness of our customers seriously. We want to protect you and our staff and everyone in our community. It is important as a retailer and as a social gathering place that we participate and cooperate in the efforts to prevent the spread of this disease in our community.

After each visitor we will disinfect touch points and any interaction points in and outside the store. We will continue our current COVID-19 practices concerning cleaning and disinfecting.

If you wish, you can purchase everything over the phone and pick it up quickly in store.

If you are currently experiencing any illness, please stay home.

Thank you and stay safe

Quality Work — Professional Service

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