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We believe at Carl Hart Bicycles that the risk of coming into contact with COVID-19 at this point has increased enough to warrant stricter guidelines and reactions. Our goal is to prevent the spread of this illness in our community. We take the health and happiness of our customers seriously. We want to protect you and our staff and everyone in our community. It is important as a retailer and as a social gathering place that we participate and cooperate in the efforts to prevent the spread of this disease in our community.

We will continue with normal operating hours; however, the operation of our shop will be changed significantly. Below are 5 important practices and functions at the shop:

1) We will move staff away from the showroom floors as much as possible. We will perform service work in an employee only part of the shop in order to help create a sterile environment between customers and staff, and also to protect customer equipment from contamination by other visitors.

2) We will have a goal to conduct most business from outside the shop. We understand some may need to come in and if so it will be one at a time. Your access to the store and products will also be limited. We will be stationed near the door to limit the amount of interaction with store products. This doesn’t mean you cannot shop in our store. It does mean that your shopping trip to us should be with purpose and concise. We hope you can be patient and wait, we also understand if you need to return another time. We ask that you allow a safe distance of 6 feet to those around you in front of the shop.

3) After each visitor we will disinfect touch points and any interaction points in and outside the store. We will continue our current COVID-19 practices concerning cleaning and disinfecting.

4) If you wish, you can purchase everything over the phone and pick it up quickly in store, or we can deliver it to your home.  We will also 

If you are currently experiencing any illness, please stay home.

Thank you and stay safe


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