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We proudly carry DK Bicycles!

DK Bicycles has a long history in BMX that directly led to the sweet bikes, components and accessories they're famous the world over for now. It all started in 1979 when Charlie Danishek was saving to buy a moped. He happened to see a flyer for a new BMX track opening and decided he wanted to BMX rather than spend his money on a moped. But, while building up his first bike, he ran out of money. So he asked his dad, who just happened to be a machinist at GM, to help him out and make him a stem. He broke a couple until they redesigned it and made it work. Pretty soon, every kid in the neighborhood wanted one of those custom stems.

Through races and word of mouth, more and more people wanted the hand-made, one-off From racing to dirt jumping, DK knows BMX!stems made by Charlie's dad. At the time, all production was done after hours at GM, but with the newfound popularity, production had to be moved to the family garage. It became a true family affair with Mom, Dad, sister and brothers drilling holes, polishing and assembling. The legendary DK stem was born, except it wasn't called that yet. The fist production run was for a local bike shop and they were simply called K&G stems. It was after a huge race called the Jag in Indianapolis that the DK moniker would stick.

Swing by the shop to see our wide selection of DK Bicycles!Since then, they've never stopped innovating. The DK freestyle seatpost clamp in '85, with its 2-inch standing platform with grip tape included was a huge success. They introduced their first frame in 1994. It was a dual-purpose jumping/racing model. Then they moved on to a chromoly frame specifically built for jumping, and then, the super-strong S.O.B. street/ramp frame in '97.

Today, the tradition continues. DK has been down with BMX since the beginning, they're designers and they're engineers, but above all, they're riders. With proven theory, endless testing and plenty of experience, DK makes a bike for every discipline from flatland to full-on racing.

So whether you're a seasoned pro or a little grom just starting out, we've got a DK for you. We'll hook you up and get you rolling. As core BMXers ourselves, we sell what we ride too, and we ride DK. Swing by and check them out soon.

Oh, and just what does DK stand for? Why, Dad and Kids, of course!